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A visionary investment approach...
Focusing on sustainable investment strategies in fragmented and difficult-to-access emerging markets

Founded in 2006, Chayton Capital is a full-service globally operating investment firm specialized in innovative, high return alternative investments and asset management solutions serving institutional and high net worth investors. Combining proprietary research and specialist capabilities with a visionary investment approach, we seek to identify emerging themes and to create unique investment opportunities.

The firm's senior management team brings substantial real asset, finance and capital markets experience to the investment process. Additionally, our expert network throughout Central and South Eastern Europe, as well as within selected emerging markets across the globe, alongside our specialist local partners, extend the group's regional knowledge and provide critical know-how and expertise to execute complex and attractive transactions. This expertise is also brought to Chayton's Renewable Energy, Circular Economy and Innovations strategy, taking advantage of global impact driven opportunities.

We connect people, markets, industries and technologies to reach superior returns while preserving positive impacts on environment and society.

Over the years we have managed and invested well over EUR1bn of investments across all platforms.

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The senior management team brings together extensive real asset and finance experience...

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We offer tailored advisory and management options for troubled assets...

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We offer investors innovative, high return alternative investments...